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The HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition brings together thousands of professionals from around the world for five days of education, innovation and collaboration to help uncover the promise of health information and technology. 

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Feb 12-14, 2019 10am - 6pm EST Orlando, FL

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  • Operational Command Centers
    Award-winning health systems are establishing Operational Command Centers to expand access to care and increase visibility and communication across their systems, community providers and patient populations. According to the December 2018 KLAS Performance Report, TeleTracking powers more Operational Command Centers than all other vendors combined. Meet with one of our experts, Dr. Scott Newton, former project lead and director of Johns Hopkins command center, and Joy Avery, who has personally been involved in the launch of more than 100 command centers while at TeleTracking.

  • Disaster Readiness
    Because you are on the front lines of the most challenging situations imaginable, how you react and perform can at the very least make a demanding situation more manageable, and at the very most save lives. Schedule an in-booth presentation where we’ll showcase our technology as a way to communicate and quickly share information in real-time via a new disaster portal, as well as workflows that are simple, scalable and repeatable.

  • Meet Tom Stafford, VP & CIO, Halifax Health
    Having responsibility for every aspect of a health system’s IT infrastructure is a massive undertaking, and patient flow technology is often not considered a top-tier priority for CIOs. Mr. Stafford was one of those CIOS, until he attended TeleTracking’s annual client conference and learned about the integral role patient flow plays in overall operations and why it deserves top-tier attention. Mr. Stafford will present in TeleTracking’s booth on Wednesday, February 13th at 4:00pm, and then participate in a happy hour meet & greet.

  • Patient Flow
    Ensuring that every patient has access to the right level of care, a seamless and coordinated experience throughout their length of stay, and a timely discharge – either home or to another level of care, is a team of individuals, often in a command center, working together to choreograph every move. Transfer Center technology is a critical component of patient flow, and TeleTracking’s new, cloud-based, Transfer Center IQ application makes it easy to centralize and manage patient access into, between and within acute care facilities, and out to the community. In addition to ensuring timely access to care, many hospitals struggle with knowing when a bed is truly vacated and available for cleaning—which impacts capacity and waiting patients at all admission points. TeleTracking has integrated its RTLS capabilities with its patient flow solutions to speed dirty bed notifications and improve bed turn times. Schedule an appointment to talk to one of our experts about this topic.

  • Patient Flow Mobile Apps
    TeleTracking’s executive app provides an at a glance view of the health system based on pre-defined metrics and connects executives with front-line operational leaders. The app gives an overview of each campus and allows the user to drill down, receive alerts and easily communicate patient flow metrics. We’ll also have five additional apps on display - for beside nurses, charge nurses, patient flow managers, EVS and transport managers – so schedule your demonstration today.

  • Enterprise Analytics
    We know that driving operational efficiency and organizational change is more challenging than ever. Rising costs, staff shortages, multiple EMRs, and new reimbursement paradigms contribute to significant complexity across the care continuum. Making its debut at TeleCon18, TeleTracking introduced SynapseIQ™, our new and powerful analytics solution that enables data-driven decision making by providing actionable insights through highly customizable, interactive dashboards and dynamic reports. Schedule a demonstration today to see the data visualizations that are key to enterprise transparency.

  • Platform Architecture
    Meet Mike Coen, VP of Engineering at TeleTracking, and former Sr. Manager of Software Development at Amazon. Mike led the design and implementation of Amazon’s Advertising Analytics Platform, which was one of the largest Apache Hodoop clusters in the world with over 5,600 nodes. Mike will share details about TeleTracking’s new IQ Platform and the set of capabilities that each solution can/will leverage, as well as the common set of services and interfaces. In addition, Mike will talk about the modern approach to our data platform, SynapseIQ™, rivaling that of Netflix and Airbnb.
  • Ambulatory Solutions
    TeleTracking has been focused on expanding patient access and improving patient throughput in acute settings for nearly three decades, now we're taking this same philosophy to high-margin ambulatory settings in order to minimize patient wait times, improve the overall experience and keep patients in-network. How is it done – self-scheduling, appointment reminders, online form completion, visibility to providers based on proximity and availability, and basic workflows to follow the progression of a loved one; and coordinating the placement from one care setting to the next, including medical transport – which is often a bottleneck, can free up expensive acute care beds for waiting patients.


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