Thursday, May 24th
1:00pm EST

Are patients in your hospitals waiting too long for post-acute care?

If you answered yes, TeleTracking's new Community Placement solution is the answer for you. 

Timely discharges to post-acute care can not only significantly decompress your acute care facilities, but also improve patient and family satisfaction. An experience that is commonly frustrating can be more streamlined, transparent and predictable.

Join TeleTracking and UPMC, a $13 billion world-renowned health care provider and insurer who is inventing new models of patient-centered, cost-effective, accountable care, as we discuss new approaches to improving care coordination.

In this actionable webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why better care coordination with post-acute providers is ESSENTIAL (and tips for strengthening the relationship)
  • How having a tight-knit, dependable partnership with key network providers improves access to care (and patient satisfaction)
  • How visibility into the right available post-acute beds streamlines the patient placement process (and helps decompress your hospitals)

Who should attend?

Chief Operating Officers, VP/Director/Manager of: Performance Improvement, Operational Excellence, Case Management, Care Coordination, Patient Placement, Patient Services, Discharge Planners, Nurses

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